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    • 許多想購買Gentle Monster墨鏡的朋友都很好奇,想知道Gentle Monster是奢侈品嗎,如果想購買的話是抱著買時尚單品的心態還是買奢侈眼鏡的心態,不如了解一下關於GM墨鏡屬於什麼檔次的問題再來判斷這個大火的墨鏡品牌屬不屬於奢侈品又位於什麼檔次吧。 GM墨鏡什麼檔次 是。GM是Gentle Monster品牌的縮寫,《來自星星的你》播出後,Gentle Monster墨鏡成為韓國最火的時尚單品,近年來在中國的流行度也是日漸火爆,不僅僅是因為2000元左右的合理價位,更是由於Gentle Monster 的設計充分考慮亞洲人臉型。GM每年有50多種新產品問世,圓框、方框、飛行員墨鏡、貓眼形等多種多樣的設計加上各種色彩,給消費者帶來更大選擇空間。 GENTLE MONSTER創立於2011年,品牌設計風格大膽,採用鮮艷色彩,搭配注入前衛的元素,不僅視覺上令人驚艷,更間接凸顯出佩戴者鮮明的個性。GENTLE MONSTER,一直致力成為市場上的領導者,包括文化、科技、潮流趨勢各個方面。「創新實驗」是GENTLE MONSTER堅持的品牌理念。2015年中國溥儀眼鏡首度引入韓國創新時尚眼鏡品牌GENTLE MONSTER。品牌下分別有Gentle Monster FUTURE IS、Gentle Monster TOME、Gentle Monster MOON CUT等商品。 Gentle Monster是奢侈品嗎 GM墨鏡屬於高檔奢侈眼鏡。GM墨鏡是因為贊助電視劇來自星星的你一炮而紅。這裡我們不得不佩服V牌老闆精準的商業眼光,同時也是因為品牌沉澱足夠。自這個電視劇之後的幾年,GM墨鏡可以說風靡世界。是整個國內及亞洲市場的流行風向標。也是很多歐美品牌的參考對象。 官網上看近視框1340-1760不等,太陽鏡1520-3180不等,不包括售罄的款。很負責的講,現在這個價格已經是V牌下調價格了前兩年很少有V牌售價低於2K。GM墨鏡的售價已經是國際一線的價格,甚至超過很多大牌的價格。今年是 GENTLE MONSTER 品牌成立的第十個年頭,回望過去,它已然為我們帶來了數不清的驚喜之作,正如它的品牌宗旨——「通過視覺化創新不斷地給消費者提供新鮮體驗」,在這次 GENTLE MONSTER 與 SANKUANZ 的合作當中,我們也能看到它再次輸出了何為「創意與藝術」的融合,並在這個浮躁的時代中留下深刻的痕迹。
    • Eddie Jones says rugby fans are frustrated by fussy officiating and stop-start games which he believes is having a negative effect on crowd behaviour. The Australia head coach has been booed repeatedly at the World Cup when his face appears on the big screen and he is concerned that rugby’s values of fairness and tolerance are being eroded. [url=]blacksprut2rprrt3aoigwh7zftiprzqyqynzz2eiimmwmykw7wkpyad.onion[/url] This has not been an easy tournament for Jones, whose side must wait until this weekend for their pool qualification fate to be decided. Disappointing defeats by Fiji and Wales mean Australia will likely fail to make the knockout stages for the first time but Jones says the sport’s authorities also need to consider the bigger picture. Wallabies head coach Eddie Jones is relying on Portugal beating Fiji to salvage Australia’s disastrous Rugby World Cup campaign. Clock ticks with Eddie Jones and Wallabies in Rugby World Cup purgatory Read more “The way the game is being refereed is causing crowd problems,” Jones said in the wake of his side’s 34-14 win against Portugal. “I am of the firm opinion that we are destroying the flow of the game. We have got so many stoppages now … we had a TMO for everything. спрут даркнет [url=]bs даркнет[/url]
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